Monday, July 3, 2017

the land slipping off the halter of heat

and the clouds broke in half 
and the sky turned over
in the bed of the day
when the rain came through

the cascade of petals
from the peonies slid to the ground
like eiderdown that slipped
all the poppies shook free of their constraints

so that the pods could contain treasures inside
the weeds stumbled as they tried to find light
but there were only shadows present
and the ferns preened in my garden

the Mock orange tumbled over and over
in the plush of the blooms that resembled fur
the silver lanterns of the stars came through
a river flowed through the garden path and seeped deep

and the soaking leaves slept where they were
dripping in their naive state
I watched it all    the grasses rising up and down
the filtered water falling    and the steam rising

surely the world is made for storm and dreaming?
I see the vine clinging to the support of the dead
a husk of a sunflower stem and the vines that are through
the sugar of rain is falling on the bowl of the land

I wanted a life that filled with sights such as these
and this life was given to me
after the storm the rain will lift up like a decal torn off
or a bandage unrolled by the wind  

and I will stand by the window watching
the land slipping off the halter of heat
to go running towards the destination
of summer excess     and bounty of growth

these are the days of love
and I must not be meek
I take the images like beads
and I make jewellery
Matthew West - Broken Things (Audio)


Oil on canvas
Including frame: 31 3/4 x 24 1/8 inches

Artwork by Armen Gasparyan, Self-Portrait, Made of Oil on canvas

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