Wednesday, July 12, 2017

the elite and us

We stuck with an indifferent self serving elite in our society ruling us. We just get to be the folks who pay for the entire production and the show we watch has to be the worst around. We pay for the executive staff without deliverables. We pay for the political hires without deliverables. We pay for the set up of the system that milks us while our families are poorly serviced. We get basically what is present--which is not much. But there you go. It is what it is. And we're the ones who have to accept the situation because government can do whatever the hell it wants to do.

Marguerite Redshaw 1 hr  ·  Shocking to learn from the Edmonton Journal how much these people ...

Shocking to learn from the Edmonton Journal how much these people are being paid. For doing what, when so many people are in need and Long-Term Care is being shortchanged?
Dear Dr. Yiu:
On several occasions I have sent you E-Mails but have never had the courtesy of a response from you.
I should not be surprised at this as your employers, the NDP, have gained notoriety for not responding to communications from the hoi polloi who elected them.
Anyway, in the Edmonton Journal it was disclosed that you are numbered among the elite as follows.
Verna Yiu, CEO of Alberta Health Services, $671,049.
Since you are seldom visible in the media it is virtually impossible to determine exactly what your position responsibilities are to justify your earnings at that level.
Would you or your employers be so kind as to provide me with either a copy of your position description or a link from which it may be accessed?
Thank you. Dr. Edward S. Redshaw.

Julie Ali The CEO is in the public face of AHS and is responsible for the problems in the system ultimately. Of course the problems aren't her fault really. She's just the puppet of the Ministry of Health. Sort of like the person who gets blamed as the person in charge of the work that is delegated by Alberta Health to the health authority. It's a political position and Dr. Yiu is a nice woman. What is she getting paid for? I guess that public face and keeping the GOA out of messes.

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Julie Ali It is kind of like being a salesperson for a very big line of health products and services--some of which are failing badly such as the continuing care line of stuff.

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Marguerite Redshaw We both know and like 
Dr Yiu ... no offence meant
Was surprised that she took the job ... I guess it's all about the money 💰 and a five year contract !!!
Sad 😭

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Julie Ali It's always about the money and the power. It's just the way it is.

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Edward Redshaw This E-Mail went out to the Health Minister, the Premier and many other guilty persons of interest. Verna Yiu is of course just a puppet of Sarah Hoffman that is why she got a 5 year contract when the usual contract is 3 years. These days the Long-Term Care Centres are not happy places. Totally underfunded by Verna Yiu. She is a medical doctor so perhaps she is looking out for her colleagues in acute care. Who knows?
Do you watch a TV show called the Preacher? If Hell is how they define it there are many people who are going to qualify.

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Julie Ali Dr. Yiu is a nice woman. I don't think she is doing this job for the money as she can make plenty of money by her lonesome and so it must be about the power business. It's a surprise to me that she would be interested in the power since she never came across as a politician but there you go. I doubt that this about helping her colleagues or the public. Most of the folks in AHS are only concerned about themselves and their turf. I doubt that any of them are working for any other reason than their own bottom line--which is about money, power and glory. All that junk.

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Julie Ali In any case, it is the way it is. We are stuck with self serving politicians at all levels of our society. The corruption of democracy is before us. And I don't watch TV so I don't know of this show but I do watch politics and it can't get more disgusting than the political show.

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