Saturday, July 15, 2017

that door that confounds me

it is best not to wait for inspiration
and instead simply write
what you are seeking you will find
in the midst of chaos 

it is best to work for years
like a dog chewing a bone
waiting won't get you to the end of the line
you'd better start       and when 

you find a line that appeals to you
then you must keep trucking
it's not sure what you'll do
but you'll be alright    at least this is what I feel

works for me
I begin and watch the words spiral out of control
they provide the route that I create out of chaos
out of their hints and insinuations 

maybe one day
I'll have a story that I'll say
like a donkey braying out history
while being struck continually

but for now
I just write what I watch
I don't wait for inspiration
I know work turns the key in the door of writing

that door that confounds me
I want to know
and nothing will keep me
from the other side    that truth

The New Basement Tapes - Kansas City

Remedios Varo. Surrealist.

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