Friday, July 21, 2017

still raining

I went to Sobeys to buy fresh bread for younger boy and scones for mum.
Younger boy is fussy about his bread. He doesn't want to eat the frozen bread which is perfectly fine once it is defrosted and toasted. Mum needs scones because I can't be making pancakes every time she is here.
The weather is very English outside with drizzling rain. The Petunias are still alive (at least most of them). The rain may bring them back from their near death experience with the fertilizer I sprinkled on them.
Younger boy has just got up and ignored the fresh loaf of bread to eat the sugary cereal that he asked for yesterday. He gets this cereal once in a while when it is on sale. I won't say it's name as I don't want to increase brand sales. In any case he gets this cereal when he is very pathetic and then that is it for months on end. I don't like the marshmallows they stick in the cereal. I mean what sort of breakfast has marshmallows in it?
Now he is up hopefully he will work on his portfolio. I am still on chapter one of the animation book. I never did this sort of research for the electrical stuff older boy was into because I had no ability to translate the electrical text into comprehensible information in my head. But animation might be more approachable. In any case, I am still on chapter 1 and so far all I have discovered is that this field requires painful work of the most intense kind that I am not capable of. Such dedication would make me a spinning top.
In any case, younger boy will hopefully do some portfolio work before we head off to Calgary and the mountains. The fire is approaching Banff I heard so we will stay close to the provincial parks.…/sunshine-wildfire-kootenany-verdant-cre…
Camping and hiking in both Kootenay and Banff national parks have been restricted because of the fire.
In Kootenay National Park, the Verdant Creek area as far south as Simpson River is closed.
In Banff National Park, the Egypt Lake area, Healy Pass, Citadel Pass and Sunshine Village and Meadows are closed.
Fire bans are in place for the front and backcountry areas of Banff, Jasper, Yoho, Kootenay and Waterton Lakes national parks, as well as the Town of Banff and the Town of Canmore.
On Friday, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry issued a fire ban in the province's forest protection area that runs along the mountains and Foothills, from Highway 532 southward to the northern boundary of Waterton Lakes National Park.
A forest fire raging in Kootenay National Park is about two kilometres away from Sunshine Village ski resort, but there are no plans at this point for an evacuation.

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