Thursday, July 20, 2017

so that I am not famished

took down the list
of the things
I wanted to do
and began to do them

shut out the voices
that said      just who do  you think you are?
and instead of waiting
I began with each desire

I trusted myself to do the work
and each day I worked hard
to reach the place I saw
inside my head    that destination

I worked because work
is how you get to the goal
(whatever you think this goal is)
and I did understand that a life isn't forever

too many have died for me to fool myself
and I see their faces as I write
and so    if you wish for something 
don't wait    simply begin   and ignore

those who tell you it  can't be done
(of course they might be right)
but you still try    and when you get to the last door
look back and tell yourself 

the life was made for trying
I've no advice to give anyone
but I have simply done what I wanted to do
and this has made all the difference

late at night
when I am alone with my soul
the far off country doesn't seem so difficult to reach
I am almost there now    and I will go gladly

success is relative 
your version of success is not mine
and a well written poem fills my basket
with bread    so that I am not famished
 Remedios Varo,

 (+99) Remedios Varo, pintora surrealista (La coleccion mas grande) - Taringa!

Mumford & sons - I'm On Fire (Cover)

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