Monday, July 3, 2017

seeking animation

The sun came tapping, tapping on my window and although I denied his presence for the first few times I got up eventually. The clouds in the sky provide some indication that we may have rain today. The clouds are boasting of overtaking the sky which is obscured by their massive whale-like bodies.
Everyone is asleep. I left the writing room window open last night so it is cool here. The clutter is unbelievable. I have my art supplies waiting for the past two years to get going on the drawing I want to do. I haven't done the art but at least Rebecca also has an art place in the living room and she does do the drawing.
Right now sun is stamping the geraniums with watery marks of gold. The sun slippers the pink geranium in filmy light. The sun is also glittering my stars (the Xmas stars I collect). I have dust everywhere since I have not yet tidied up the writing room. Hopefully I will also get going with the remaining award applications today for Ruth Adria and the Elder Advocates of Alberta Society.
The soul is an inventive creature always wanting more and more of you. Some years the soul has growth and some years it retracts like a snail into a shell. You simply have to believe that the soul is like a different being--inside you for the time you are alive --to do the work that the physical self is oblivious to. Such as the work of being kinder.
In the case of the boys, I haven't been very helpful in terms of their education programs so I am now trying to be of use to younger boy in looking at next steps. He is eighteen and we're looking at what he will do after he finishes his second year at NAIT this year. We're beginning the process of extending out tentacles and amoebic appendages seeking out animation programs for ingestion.
I had no idea there were so many animation programs. This looks like such a major industry and I was clueless. Here is the list of programs I am confronted with:

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