Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Reading Margaret Laurence

Many, many times in a second hand book store or garage sale I have passed by the books of Margaret Laurence. I have sniffed at "The Stone Angel" in its many iterations of publications. I have blasphemed her name saying "Canadian writer"--so boring. After high school English in Harry Ainlay high school I was unable to dredge up any interest in Canadian writers.
But then I found the book--"A Bird in the House" at a second hand bookstore and I thought to myself--it's so cheap-why not buy it? I read it and I read it again. The characters were so interesting even if the writer was Canadian. And the setting was so dull and ordinary but the characters spoke.
I put the book with the tottering stacks of books in the house and it's gone missing. Oh well. No problem. I went to the Edmonton Public Library and Tal Online and ordered a whole pile of her books. Today I finished "The Stone Angel" and I wonder if all her books are so pristine, so hard, so believable.
I am chowing down through the books by her now and it is pretty interesting. Sometimes Canadian writers aren't as dull as the sheen on the marsh. Sometimes they surprise you with the razor blades in the bread of their works.
Sometimes, they can walk on water. Sometimes, they can float down a river with the magical feats of their own imagination.

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