Friday, July 28, 2017

rain storm -Friday July 28, 2017

Just by the Didsbury turn off at 5:30 pm the sky cracked an egg shell and all hell broke out. There was hail and water in such a deluge I could barely see the car in front. Then the hydroplaning of the small car in the fast lane. I slowed down to less than 90 km/hr. Then there were cars and trucks pulling off the highway of hell. Thirty or more drivers just gave up and parked.
A trio of motor cycle riders was also paused.
It felt eerie like a flood was going to happen but I kept trucking.
Surely this is the new normal? Rain deluge and hail? Then further down the road the rain vanishes and the jammed up cars clog the highway on both sides.
Hopefully the deluge is all the rain we get this weekend as we do hike # 12.

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