Tuesday, July 18, 2017

purple clover hunting

The rubbishing wind that was just yesterday pushing a wheelbarrow of dust, fire detritus and jumble sale items of sundry lost items like cardboard boxes and paper to my garden (I am the last place of lost things as the park fence collects all this stuff)--well it seems to have become a kindly facile voice now speaking in the tongues of the firs that nod somnolent beside the writing room window. There are two kindly firs (the third one got killed by a drunk driver).
The two nodding heads of the firs that I see make me feel slightly giddy and I feel that after a breakfast of toast, cheese and fried egg, I should be lazy and go lie down but I keep writing. Younger boy is still in bed. I think eventually he will get up because I will drag him out of bed. Mum is going to be dropped off by Sue and today I have to go pick up Rebecca for the home visit that we can't do tomorrow as younger boy has to go to Embrace Orthodontics to get his teeth looked at.
So today mum and Rebecca are double dating at my place. They could probably be together on most days except my ancient minivan back door won't open and so I am stuck putting their strollers by a side door that has also lost it's handle. The stroller Rebecca uses is major big. And if I put it on the back side seat there is no space for the other stroller. So Sue will drop mum and her stroller. I will go pick up Rebecca and her stroller. If you have handicapped folks in your family you understand that such transporting takes time and usually Sue and I spend an hour or two just getting mum and Rebecca to places.
Where was I in this post? I checked on the Sobey's refugee plants that were going to be dumped that I got for cheap. The Petunias need to be transplanted stat but I have no soil except the pathetic soil in my garden that hasn't been amended but may be I have to use it today. The geraniums I got seem to be fine and the sun has come out so they are preening their feathers of leaves.
The Petunias are not as robust as the geraniums and are soggy looking and bits of them look frankly dead. Well I mustn't despair. There are miracles everywhere. The fact is most of my plants are miracles. They are neglected and still make it. Heck they have to make it to live in my jungle.
Sue will bring me more of the purple clover plant that I like. It's a wild plant in her garden but is more fussy in mine so I have to keep asking for more transplants from her garden. I don't know how but I somehow killed off the orange tiger lily that is indestructable but I blame the rhubarb that has usurped all the corner where she was placed. Hopefully Sue will remember my tiger lily before end of the summer. I hardly buy plants because of the costs and so I am restricted to end of season bargains which are usually traumatized victims of picky shoppers.
Sue is my other source of refugees. Her plants are healthy but I think she has reservations giving her babies to me to die ignominiously or live lives of peril in my jungle.
Here is the picture of the purple clover Sue gave me. Isn't she gorgeous?

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