Sunday, July 9, 2017

Portfolio progress-- Sunday July 9, 2017

I just looked at the portfolio to date of younger boy and it has four items in it. I asked about his paintings and he said they weren't to be put in his portfolio. Who knows why?
In any case the portfolio preparation will be hubby's job to figure out as I am simply knackered with the heat.
There was a bit of rain -very spotty and then the heat began again.
I wonder at how folks in BC are doing with fires and evacuations. Very distressing.
It's bad enough in Edmonton with the heat pounding down like a mallet and the plants in the garden suffering with limpness.
 I watered the annuals a bit since they were choking but left the perennials for the rain storm that I hope will come soon.
Right now I feel very ethereal as if all the moisture was being sucked out of my body leaving only this ghost-like body floating in the format of a fantastic creature:

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