Friday, July 7, 2017

packing for the hiking trip

I thought the past few days were very hot but it is even hotter today. But a wonderful wind is peeling off the hands of time and wafting into my writing room from a small opening I have made in the window so that the panting geraniums can get relief.
Soon I will water them. Poor souls they only get a bit of water when I notice all their flowers flocked on the table top.
Younger boy is fast asleep marinating on his bed. I keep trying to wake him but no luck. Well it is hot. I will leave him in his small sodden slump on the bed until I am packed. I have got cherries to take on the way as well as a few oranges. I will take a frozen loaf of bread. I can always buy a fresh loaf of crusty bread which is my luxury for the weekend.
I haven't done anything at all today. I decided simply to concentrate on packing and the laundry. Since mum is not here today I have to fold my own clothes.
We have not yet done the e-mails to the alumni to find out what they think of the different animation programs. I guess this will be done later rather than sooner.
The best part of life is setting off for journeys. I will soon be on a small trip for Banff or one of the provincial parks. I don't have a destination for the hiking as I am very last minute. I have my hiking book to scan the possibilities and then I will decide at the last minute by checking the Internet for what is best.
When the hikes are done this week hopefully this will reset my daily walks which have not been done for ages. It's so hot and that's my excuse.
Well I better get back to packing.
Albrecht Dürer - Aquilegia vulgaris. Albrecht Dürer was a German painter, engraver, printmaker, mathematician, and theorist from Nuremberg

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