Monday, July 10, 2017

More vote buying expenditures on our dollar
“I think this is huge,” Health Minister Sarah Hoffman said.
Edmonton’s badly neglected health infrastructure got some relief in Thursday’s provincial budget, with more than $1 billion set aside for new projects in the…
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Julie Ali I don't think this is huge. I think this is vote buying. This hospital won't get built but it is nice to hold up as a figgy pudding for the voters in the next provincial election.
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Julie Ali I cannot figure out the decision making tree at Alberta Health. Why is there another hospital being built in Edmonton? We have enough hospitals and certainly we have enough money being spent on health. 
What is needed is clear justification for these d

I also don't see why we need to have a second health authority in Covenant Health. In my opinion one province wide health authority in AHS would save citizens major bucks and would avoid the duplication of administrative services, executive staff and bureaucracy associated with two health authorities. Time for the GOA to phase out Covenant Health entirely.

Where is the money for all this infrastructure coming from as well.? And how do such investments keep the NDP promise of 2,000 new long term care beds? Rather than investing in more acute care facilities it would have been productive to have more investment in public continuing care facilities to take the demands off acute care facilities. The seniors stuck in the acute care system could be living quality lives in publicly funded long term care and continuing care facilities. Instead we have government supplying public dollars to private real estate companies to handle the continuing care system for government and we have expensive acute care facilities being built that will have to take care of seniors who cannot be housed anywhere else. 

Some intelligent planning is required and public continuing care facilities for complex care patients in a place like the Michener Centre for example would have been an reasonable policy decision. I feel that health care decision making is now some sort of lottery with the winnings going to either Edmonton or Calgary. What about the folks in Red Deer? What about the folks in Airdrie? When will government address the needs of all Albertans?
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Doug Banks Oi. What part of "more people need more hospitals" don't you get? Or, have you not noticed the tremendous growth in Edmonton's population over the last decade.
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Albert Leung Actually we don't have enough hospitals in Edmonton and they are crowded. We need a new one.
March 18 at 1:22pm
G.P. Johnson Albert Leung the ignorance of youth Juli just doesn't get it
Blakenstein Blakenstein Well, Julie,...wana really know why ?? It it sooo obvious !! They are after the gold !! did not you know that Edmonton was a gold mining city before the oil boom? Well, they never stopped digging. 
The majior giant gold minning industries , th
e real ones, have to pay millions of dollars just to do their digging, and the gold to ore ratio is so small you can not even see it. The ratio is usually between 3 to 5 milligrams / kilo. Here, on the land that they will bulldoze away all the beautiful life and houses and, ruining peoples lives , the gold to ore ratio is the very least is 30 to 40 milligrams /kilo and yes you can really see it. !! . It is no coincidence that this land, is also, not even 100 meters away from the new LRT line that they just put in. 
So how this works, is that they CHARGE THE TAX PAYERS MILLIONS FOR THE DIGGING , and not only do they get FREE digging, they also make a PROFIT.......from the digging....the ....PAY DIRT!!! Oh, by the way I also found a nice big peice of silver ore. 
The way that they do it, they say " We are bulldozing your neighbor hood, and you have 2 days to answer this registered letter". They make sure that they are not available for 3 days and they lie when they say that they are not available, because how could they reply e- mail so fast ?? Their actions are like dictators and commies. I dont see any differance .
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Julie Ali G.P. Johnson I do get it. The NDP are buying votes. We won't see this hospital built but the dream is nice.
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Julie Ali Albert Leung We don't need more hospitals in Edmonton. We could simply update and expand the facilities we already have. This is a pie in the sky dream and it won't happen. Trust me. There's no money.
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Julie Ali Doug Banks The tremendous growth in seniors has been ignored by government and why can't we ignore the tremendous growth in the rest of the population? Is it because seniors have no voice in our society? Seniors are stuck in acute care beds; the wait time for transfer to the continuing care system has increased under the NDP folks and guess what? Home care for complex cases and dementia patients isn't productive. You have families in the community with home care dealing with the stress and anxiety for caring for such complex cases. If folks would see that the end of the journey is as important as the beginning then we might have brains instead of vote buying for policy making.
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