Monday, July 17, 2017

Living gold.

Coolish out and the wind is snappish. I will go do the grocery shopping now before I get busy with other stuff.
 Cars just beginning to trickle down the syrup road to work. The clouds on the sky a big smear of road kill.
The laundry is to be put out again and hopefully it won't rain. Small jobs but still needing to be done. All the day spreads out like a tablecloth on today's table. The silver lining of the hours is exposed and I have a dinner of rewards to consume.
One day when I look back on my life it will be a succession of ordinary days which I have smudged through hurry and busy work into this river of words so I do not forget. Forgetting it all is easy to do as memory is a camera film that is often mistakenly exposed and the images vanish just like that. But when I write each image down, when I put the colours of my day into a post, when I write a poem like a bird in a nest that I have created on my blog, when I speak to you of the ordinary lives of all of us--that's a record I feel that will endure. All of us are making this human record of our lives on social media and on the art portfolios that I see on the Internet. In whatever way we are turning the ordinary straw of our lives into gold. Living gold.
Remedios Varo

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