Sunday, July 9, 2017

Kristin Westersund Julie Ali, you make excuses or make it happen. I see you've gone with excuses.

I guess being a strong advocate for my handicapped sister, facing retribution and spending the last two years defending her rights to proper care aren't enough but I must bring her home to ensure I am doing all I can for her. What rot.
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Seniors have spent their lives taking care of us. Now its our turn to take care of them.

Seniors deserve dignity. That's why Alberta's NDP is investing in community health care.

Max Reilly If you don't like what is available out there for your seniors. Then bring them into your home and look after them there, that way you have 100% control of how they are treated and cared for.

July 3 at 10:21pm
Barbara Garnier Murphy That is not always an option for many seniors. I am sure in many cases it could be a last resort. I am sure it will be a last resort before I put my loved one in a home.
Julie Ali You can't always look after family members at home. We're taking care of my parents at home but I can't take care of the complex care needs of my handicapped sister. You have no idea of the amount of care required by a person with disabilities and if you did perhaps you'd not judge.

July 6 at 4:50pm
Max Reilly Julie Ali we are caring for two learning disable adults (who will never be able to live on their own) and in Alberta if the patient has complex issues the government will give a family up to 40 hours per week pay for a nanny/care worker. I also have friends who care for a child with complex care issues and know what that looks like in their home. So I am not making any assumptions.
Wayne Cardinal That takes away from the NDP boast that they are doing more for seniors when they actually are not.

July 6 at 9:01pmEdited
Kristin Westersund 100%!

Elderly family members must be cared for in home, not warehoused.
Kristin Westersund Julie Ali, you make excuses or make it happen. I see you've gone with excuses.
Oldina Wahlers Kristin Westersund you don't know what you are talking about. I have been there with mother and father and one person cannot care 24/7 for a person with dementia who can be violent

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Julie Ali Max Reilly You might be able to handle the work load but some of us can't. Not all families are available or willing to do this support on off work hours. I appreciate that you can do this work by yourself with the 40 hours but what about respite care? I know of parents who get 40 hours per week but this is for work. After this period of time there is no more hours for them to take a break. Siblings have to do the baby sitting or adult sitting. While siblings can pitch in when they are doing full time education at college and university it is unfair to expect them to do the work of aides.

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Julie Ali Kristin Westersund If you look at my blog you will see there are no excuses: but I guess folks need to have a hammer in their hand to hit the nails that stick out.

I took my Power in my Hand – / And went against the World – Emily Dickinson (Poem 660)
Julie Ali Oldina Wahlers You are right. You can care for a person to a point and after that care must be provided by an integrated care team; even then the team may fail big time.

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