Sunday, July 9, 2017

it's hard to see the future of heat continuing (everything is fire)

and the sun vanishes
leaving behind cloudless skies
the burst of rain we had evaporated

and the silverware of the night
is put out    the stars spoon up the pink haze
of the evening    the moon crushes her glass eye in the hand of darkness

but we're alive to fry 
the sobbing wind remembers the wet marsh
and climbs the rope of cloud     the leaves of the buckeye

still themselves   and the iris stalks turn brown
it's hard to believe that the peonies were once shattering
red and pink flowers   now all that is left of that ceiling

are the hard knobs of their seed heads
the dust rises       in the wraparound arms of the earth
we're surprised to see the vanishing soil   meanwhile the ants scurry

in the cracks between one plate of rock and the next
the victors are tiny       but for now we stand like giants
the forest of poppies and sunflowers heave their branches

the catacombs of the ferns fill with the skulls of their desiccated halves
and the empire of the lilies comes alive    we have pink and red (not eaten yet)
and the stumps of the stargazer that fell before the flowers dreamed

it's hard to see the future of heat continuing  (everything is fire) 
but for now    the rain has been scant and the rose glare
of the morning persists       like a stone in the dry mouth of night

Remedios Varo - Camino árido

Remedios Varo - Camino árido
Robin Schulz - Sugar (feat. Francesco Yates) (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

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