Monday, July 10, 2017

“I think this is huge,” Health Minister Sarah Hoffman said.-----Julie Ali I don't think this is huge. I think this is vote buying. This hospital won't get built but it is nice to hold up as a figgy pudding for the voters in the next provincial election.

“I think this is huge,” Health Minister Sarah Hoffman said.

Edmonton’s badly neglected health infrastructure got some relief in Thursday’s provincial budget, with more than $1 billion set aside for new projects in the…

Julie Ali I don't think this is huge. I think this is vote buying. This hospital won't get built but it is nice to hold up as a figgy pudding for the voters in the next provincial election.

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Michael Cameron Awesome!!!! Hope they also work on reducing wait times. The PC did have one good idea. A flat rate charge for people who take up emergency room space for minor things like the sniffles.

March 16 at 4:23pm
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Larry Eason So as I write this I am listening to Joe Ceci on CHED radio. One of his first statements was that they are now going to focus on reducing the deficit and then eliminating the debt. I guess the devil is in the wording because if you believe that they will start to control spending you are dreaming and as for eliminating the deficit and the debt, well.....I think you get my point. WHY DO POLITICIANS ALWAYS LIE? . Economists will tell you that to the extent that the debt is within Canada it is good debt however I question that as well. It is as simple as when the debt keeps climbing the interest on that debt increases accordingly which means less money for real returns and more to the banks. Ridiculous!

March 16 at 5:00pm
G.P. Johnson Money in the bank or people dying waiting for a hospital bed .Whats your pleasure
Larry Eason G.P. Johnson I am not necessarily talking about hospitals athough we have a lot of empty beds now. There is probably no sense in trying to persuade you that overspending is a bad thing but I would ask this. How much is your credit card debt? Personally, I pay them off every month.
Julie Ali I tend to agree with you about the poor fiscal management of the NDP folks. Mind you the PCs were no better and wasted a ton of cash on trying to diversify the economy. All that seems to have occurred is that we got no returns for their expenditures. Also they blew up hospitals that might have been useful today. It's troubling that the politicians can tolerate dissonance so well. On the one hand they speak about decreasing the deficit that they created in the first place while on the other hand they tell us that they will spend major bucks on a hospital that is not needed. But there you go. Folks believe this rubbish.

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Julie Ali G.P. Johnson I doubt people are dying for a hospital bed. They are however dying for accurate and competent care in the continuing care system and are stuck with a poor quality of life in acute care waiting for placement that is being delayed. Government has abdicated it's job in terms of providing public continuing care placements. Instead it pays for 50% of the infrastructure costs for private land developers who build primarily lower level care facilities such as supportive living facilities. Then these same land developers are able to sell these real estate assets to anyone else for a profit. Or simply provide the system with whatever level of care is tolerated by the GOA which appears to be in some cases to be non-compliant as was found in the AHS run facility at Lacombe. If the AHS run facilities are non-compliant what about the private continuing care facilities that are run by for profit and not for profit companies? People are harmed by such substandard care but no one bothers to do anything about these problems because these folks are old, have no voice in our society and lack power. It's the way it is in Alberta. The odd thing about the Lacombe care facility is that AHS is doing audits of a facility that it runs. Isn't this sort of an oxymoronic situation? Should there not be an external auditor involved?

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