Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I peel off the face from the day

and I slowed down
to listen

I put myself away
and watched the moss roses

I peeled off the face 
from the day

to see the grasses sway
I slept on the sofa

and did nothing
and the geraniums reddened

where might you be?
in the cloak of invisibility

or in the swimmer's sea?
are you travelling on a light breeze?

oceans of leaves are flowing now
and the liquid leaves are waves

and on the sofa my mother sleeps
the door of life opens and shuts

in the present I am awake to my life
I watch the faces of those who I love

and I understand
each part of the cycle is valuable

the seasons coast to the conclusion
and I watch the days walk on heron feet

to the shore
I linger here and still myself

so I might experience each moment
and when it is time     I lift the wings

of the heron I have become
and I also leave      you can't do everything 

and you can't do big things
but you can stop the hurry

and sit in the day's reach and sway
as the trees do      and in this way

you might be free 
whatever this word means

and accept
what must be endured

the singing is here to cast the shadow
of the real        and where you might be

is in living    who stand like a forests  of ghosts
one day there will be others who understand the invisiblities

of life      I peel off the face from the day
and I let the underworld speak in its own way
Remedios Varo

Remedios Varo >> Harmony | (, artwork, reproduction, copy, painting).

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