Saturday, July 15, 2017

hot as hell

The merciless heat ensured we were all napping. We've had a hotdog for supper. There are cantaloupe pieces for dessert which were cool and delicious.
We did a small walk in the morning but it was melting outside so we plan to repeat late today.
Rebecca was taken back after doing her art. She likes her art supplies that I organized for her. Now all her art paper and binders are in one place while her paints, pencils and crayons are in a three drawer thing that I got at a garage sale. At least it's not messy.
My writing room feels like the pit of hell. The geraniums aren't unhappy since they are closest to the one open window.
The Canada Day geranium (2 of them) have their faces plastered against the window and it may be time to move them or else they will become part of the window.
This is what they look like in an idealized growth format; mine are more sparsely blooming:

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