Sunday, July 2, 2017

Home Visit -Sunday July 2, 2017

Rebecca is watching a movie but soon I will go drop her off. I have been sitting like a rock on the deck where it is cooler.
The garden is hysterical with growth.
I had to lie down on two chairs outside to avoid that conversation.
The supper will be the left over fish cakes in the freezer, potatoes and a salad. The potato tubers that were left over from last winter have made a fine display and somehow I am glad I did not put the tubers in the compost heap but in the ant cleared raised bed.
Hopefully the crop of small potatoes will be edible.
I yapped with older boy who is still alive in his apprenticeship. I told him the news of younger boy applying for post NAIT placements. We only have one product for the portfolio to date but at least we are all on the same page now in knowing we have applications to finish this summer.
Well I better go. I will drop Rebecca off at the Villa.

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