Saturday, July 29, 2017

Hike #12 ---Jura Creek Trail

Although I had to be dragged out after 10 am to go on hike #12 I am glad that we went. The hike itself is a mystery. I'm not even sure we did the right hike as there was no trail marker and no indications that the hike we were doing was the one we had planned. But there you go.
We drove towards Exshaw. We were lost. We consulted Helva's GPS system and the map from AllTrails. There was no sign of the trail but I noted several cars parked on the side of the highway so we turned at Exshaw and went back to the parked cars.
We took our lives in our hands to cross the highway to the other side where the hike was supposed to start. The trail itself had two red ribbons to indicate to us that we might be on a hiking trail.
We started at the red ribbons and followed the creek bed. It was very interesting. Boiling like lobsters in the heat we followed the dry path full of rocks and stones to the canyon where I got wet. Younger boy fell twice and again hurt his bum foot and ankle. But we persevered.
Despite the fact that the creek bed was wet in parts, I stubbornly followed the wet bed eventually becoming wet all the way to my knees. I didn't care. It was hot. I did not want to climb the major big boulders that younger boy had already scraped his arms on and I wasn't about to fall into the creek bed.
We kept trucking until I was tired. Then younger boy and I headed back while hubby decided to finish the trail. We waited for hubby at the wet part of the creek listening to the burbling of the water and felt like falling asleep. There were a few other folks on the hike. One of them had a dog who had got his foot injured and had to be carried which was not an easy thing considering the major weight of the dog. The rocks are sharp and slippery when they are big boulders. I did not get to the second set of canyon attractions that hubby did but I don't care.
I love rocks. And I had a great time just vegetating in the wet creek soaked to my knees. Going back was hard but the poles helped.
It is not a hard hike but I had to traverse some of the big boulders in the canyon on my bum as I do not like to climb boulders.
Maybe we will do the entire hike another day. We started at 1 pm and finished around 5 pm but a lot of time was spent looking at water and rocks.
Lovely hike if you are a rock lover which I am.

The highlights of the creek is the narrow canyon to explore with rock formations and various cascading pools.

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