Saturday, July 1, 2017

Happy Canada Day folks!

Happy Canada Day folks. Beautiful day out. The swirl of blue in the clouds is very Monet.
I have my piece of toast and my cup of tea seeping. The morning is much cooler in the writing room and also I left the window by the geraniums open so that they can breathe fresh air.
I will do the work on my silver and gold books from the library. Nothing that I want is in a store but everything I want is in the library.
Now for a feel good Canada Day story that has babies and volunteers in it:…/mother-daughter-newborn-canada-150-hats…
Andrea Scales and her mother Therese Levesque, 88, have personally knitted 35 hats for babies born at the hospital between the night of June 30 and the morning of July 2, to celebrate the country's sesquicentennial anniversary.
"Canada's 150th only happens once," Levesque said Friday while she finished knitting the last of the hats.
Newborn babies born on July 1 at the Grey Nuns Hospital in Edmonton will have extra patriotic hats thanks to a mother-daughter duo in Beaumont, Alta.

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