Sunday, July 9, 2017

Happiness is respite.

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After the 4 hour hike and sunburn yesterday in the boil of the heat at Lake Louise I don't feel like hiking today. I will instead go look at plants. I have a few pots to fill with plants and they are on sale so maybe I can pick up a few bedding plants before they get chucked out into a dumpster.
The waste of plants in summer is so astonishing to me. I wonder why the stores don't give away the left over dying plants to communities they work in for beautification purposes. Usually I try to buy the dying plants and put them in the park bed by my house. It's a small thing to do but everyone gets to enjoy the flowers.
Since I will not be hiking today I will go back home early. There is a lot to do when I get home with Rebecca and my mum so I will plan the work for this upcoming week.
As you all know --who have families with disabled family members or sick family members--there needs to be time with them helping out but also time by yourself. These weekends that I leave Edmonton are sort of my time by myself and I enjoy them a great deal. Younger boy also is detached from his animation work and gets to hike although we didn't hike much this weekend.
None of us are exempt from trouble, sickness and worry. Sometimes it feels as if there are events like cards being placed on my head. It is all I can do to keep my head up so that all the cards don't tumble. For others without any sort of extended family help imagine how difficult it must be to keep trucking without respite care.
The government of Alberta needs to provide respite care. Families taking care of their disabled family members are doing work that the system would do at much higher costs if the disabled or sick family member were in hospital. It is time that parents of disabled children and adults got specified time so that they can do personal stuff--like go out for a trip by themselves and just be themselves for a few hours. How can we get such respite time? By taking it if we can by ourselves or getting the help we need through the system. I encourage all of you not to do it alone. It is very hard to look after folks with severe disabilities alone. Get all the help you can and then take time off for yourself. Life isn't predictable but we can respond to its challenges with calm, determined and civilized solutions. One of which is respite time.
We should not feel we are continually on a tight rope seeking balance. Before I would get burnt out. Now I simply remove myself from the work area and get the rest and recreation that every human being needs.
It is simply a more intelligent way to be in the world. Now if only our government would see the intelligence in providing respite to the families who struggle with disabled family members what a difference it would make in their lives!
Happiness is respite.
Armen Gasparian 1966 ~ Symbolist painter
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Gasparian was born in South Armenia, where he studied art in George Ajrapetjana's workshop. He moved to St. Petersburg nearly two decades ago, and continues living and working there today. His works are in private collections worldwide, including Germany, Holland, Finland, North America, and Russia. His romantic images and use of symbolism convey nature with delicate lyricism. While the artist experimented with a bright palette in his earlier works, his later pieces are muted and convey a sense of calm and tranquility. The refined quality of these pieces is characteristic of the northern school of art. Gasparian has developed his own artistic language, combining the traditions of classical art and the new plastic form.
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