Tuesday, July 18, 2017

garden stroll--Tuesday July 18, 2017


Remedios Varo, Creation of the Birds (detail), 1957.
The walk outside was very brief today as it felt funny in terms of the air quality. I did find a Liatris in bloom so that was neat. A robin was inspecting his properties and dining at the same time. He was not fazed by my walking quite near him and instead seemed to be telling me to inspect along with him.
a robin was deep in plush
inspecting his properties when I passed by
wonderingly I watched as he dined
in between gravel and grass      sly
and sure as a greeting card open
to the blank interior         of empty space
that delicious gap between the sounds
and silence              I left without a trace
for although I admired
his deft probing of the dirt and time
I had a path to walk that was mine
           plus there was this robin rhyme
Remedios Varo

Remedios Varo, Creation of the Birds (detail), 1957.

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