Monday, July 17, 2017

garden stroll--Monday July 17, 2017

Before it all went dark I went out for my evening stroll. I wasn't very fast but you don't need to be quick when you are checking gardens out. I found a darling Potentilla in a pink-peach sort of bloom that was radiant. It looked like this:
PINK BEAUTY® POTENTILLA - Potentilla fruticosa 'Pink Beauty'
Botanical name: Potentilla fruticosa 'Pink Beauty'
Origin: Developed at the University of Manitoba, Department of Plant Science by Professor Louis Lenz.
Hardiness: Zone 2 (Canadian and USDA)
Growth Rate: A vigorous plant developing into a medium height shrub.
Description: A distinctive Potentilla with semi-double flowers in a very attractive medium-pink. In very extreme heat the flowers will develop a lighter pink colour. The superior plant vigour results in this Potentilla having a long flowering duration. The bright-green foliage is bushy and forms a mounded shrub.
Landscape Value: Use in mass plantings, in borders or alone in smaller landscapes.
Propagation: Propagation by license only; in Canada - contact Jeffries Nurseries Ltd., in USA - contact Bailey Nurseries Inc. CPRB #0714, USPP #9,874.
I admired it. I think it also has a very apt name in being called Pink Beauty. It is lovely. It is only one in our neighbourhood and so has the distinction of being rare. There are white Potentilla bushes in the park and everywhere else. There are two varieties of yellow Potentilla as well-a large flower and a sort of miniature flower. Both are very common looking because everyone has splurged on yellow flowers; with the yellow daylilies that they are paired with it becomes monotonous.
I found several other clumps of Liatris that aren't yet blooming. There were also major clumps of Hosta with the faint mauve flowers and bicoloured leaves. I love Hostas but my many attempts at growing them were thwarted by the devious voles that ate my Evans cherry tree roots and terminated his brief but cherry life.
The Hostas in this garden were doing very well and there were white rhododendrons that were blooming in a sort of symphony of correct garden design that I will never be able to approximate because I just take my refugee plants that I buy at plant sales and stuff them wherever I find a clearing.
When I was coming home from my spying on gardens I saw some delicious Petunias paired with pansies; they were all riots of colour and in pretty good shape. In comparison the Petunias I saved from imminent extinction at the Sobeys store aren't happy. They were already looking wind burnt and sad but now they are looking pot bound and desperate. So I went out and took out the pots they will be transferred to. I also got the geraniums out of their corner in the raised bed and placed them in hanging pots for transfer. If I have them in pots I might think about buying soil and then transferring them from their limited abodes to a more spacious outcome.
In any case, I checked on the poor things, made some promises that I hope to keep about transplantation and came in.
Younger boy is doing stuff on the computer. He has not mowed the lawn. He does not appear to be working on his portfolio.
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