Tuesday, July 18, 2017

following the yellow brick road

The intricate world that I pass by on my trips is very fascinating. When I picked up Rebecca at the Villa today I saw the demolition site and the persistence of mustard plants.
I assume the persistence of mustard plants everywhere in Edmonton is due to the fact that there was farmland paved over but I could be wrong.
In any case, my garden has these persistent beggars in between the other volunteer seedlings such as the ever hopeful delphiniums that I keep winnowing down due to fungal problems.
The particular clump of mustard plants I saw at the Villa demolition site was being visited by a fat bumblebee which was very attracted to the massive head of bloom.
Then when I just dropped off Rebecca at the Villa there was a bottleneck by the WEM place. There often is a rush hour bottle neck of traffic by the WEM at this time and so I spend my time watching the weeds by the side of the road. They are very healthy weeds and each of them seem to have staked their own territory and are robustly defending their sites.
At home with mum, while she finishes off another episode in the Einstein saga which she like (so did Rebecca), I think about weeds and crops. There doesn't seem to be much difference between them except we don't accept some plants as growing matter and we cultivate others as growing matter.
The distinctions blur. The happy gold of the mustard plants, the suns of the dandelions and the repeating thrown discs of the yellow day lilies confuse me. It's all a parade of yellow right now and all the flags on the path appear to be celebratory.
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