Sunday, July 16, 2017

Evening garden stroll

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Because it was so balmy out I was seduced into going for a garden watching stroll down the posh part of our neighbourhood. The posh sector has the most incredible gardens that can survive plants that I can't keep going.
For example there was a healthy clump of Liatris that is yet to bloom. I've grown this for a season and then mysteriously they kicked the bucket. I've tried again and then no go. So after two tries that was it.…/liatris/liatris-blazing-…
In addition to their attractive blooms, the foliage remains green throughout the growing season before turning into a rich bronze color in fall.
Read more at Gardening Know How: Liatris Planting Information: How To Grow Liatris Blazing Star…/liatris/liatris-blazing-…
This is an attractive addition to any garden but not mine. Maybe they prefer rocky terrain (the place where the clump was thriving was in a rocky bed).
In addition to the happy Liatris clump there was a white Astilbe that looked very distinguished. I have only seen the pink ones so this was a surprise.
Astilbes prefer a site that receives light to moderate shade; they will burn in full sun.
Astilbes prefer soils that provide average to slightly below average moisture. Make sure your soil drains well and does not puddle or get water-logged in rain. Amend soil, especially clay types, with peat moss, perlite, and coarse sand to improve the drainage.…/astilbe/astilbe-deutschland
Besides the surprising white Astilbe I saw a white Rugosa rose which was also rare to me because mostly I see pink and red Rugosa roses.
I am thinking to put this rose near the park fence next to my pink rose which isn't a Rugosa but still has hard thorny canes.
I will think about it since space is at a premium.
I noted that some of the conifers that were on the rocky beds were creeping onto the pavement. One particular creeping conifer had a pseudopodia right in the way I was walking almost as if he was a tripping line.
Sally Hamm
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creeping conifers | Description: Attractive groundcover juniper with bright golden-yellow ...
I'd never even considered putting a creeping conifer on the beds and this attractive specimen with the tripping wire feel to it was a good idea.
Many pots of plants everywhere in the posh neighbourhood in triplicate. Lovely versions of creativity. And major amounts of work to do the trimming of the lawns I'm thinking. It felt as if the entire posh area had been through a barbershop day.
In contrast, my lawn is full of weeds and needs to be cut. Maybe tomorrow younger boy will be dragged out of bed to do his job of keeping the lawn alive. And trimmed.
There were many pretty sights on the walk and I am persuaded to do this walk every evening now as there were no bugs bothering me except for one large black beetle that was lying on the floor with its legs up. I guess you can't choose the place and time of death but I almost stepped on him. Luckily for me I noted the black button shape and then the creepy legs so I moved away in time.
Bugs are very icky.
Now that I am home younger boy wants food. I told him to eat the chilli he had for lunch or make a cheese sandwich.
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