Wednesday, July 26, 2017

even if there be dark things

and I slow down my life
and I wait for the gifts

I watch the sky for clouds
and see only light and sounds

all the bricks of winter
have fallen to a mossy landscape of water 

we are now in the landscape
of dreams    the marsh wears a cattail wig

and the face she shows us is blue
the moss roses preen and settle their flocks

in the pots that are barely able to contain them
the sugar of the geraniums falls to the floor in petal throws 

the silver wings of the seeds fly away
to the far country of the soul     where 

you might be
and the dance that is in our molecules

vibrates each poem
I wished for a happy life     even if there be dark things

and this was given to me
see your life as a piece of language

that you are able to write over
each time you make a mistake

take the poem of your life
and keep writing it afresh    

and when you meet with strangers
give the music as your contribution    even if there be dark things

don't forget to be grateful each day for life
we're here for a moment only     and then we're gone

the singing you do will be your headstone
and your grave garden

don't leave weeds
but the purest distillation

of what you have learned     even if there be dark things
I am not interested in certainties

but the risks you have taken that have broken you 
tell me your disasters      and how you became strong despite calamity 

these are the poems the world needs
we are waiting for the wisdom you have to leave

even if there be dark things

Remedios Varo

corsobellamy: “Remedios Varo ”

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