Saturday, July 1, 2017

Edmonton Journal 23 hrs · Among those figures: a record $10.8-billion deficit; and the provincial government now $33 billion in debt.

The major debt that is being piled on right now will result in the NDP folks losing their jobs in the next provincial election. I think there is a need for some catch up infrastructure work but there is also a need for cuts. I mean just think of the ABCs and how much they cost us every single year. It is ridiculous that we have to pay for the agencies, boards and commissions of the PC error just because the NDP folks do not have the fortitude to do the work of saving us money.
I'm of the opinion that we cannot keep expecting the citizens to pay for the excesses of the PC error which ensured that we have PC inserts into the genome of the GOA. We need cuts not only to these political hires but also we need cuts to the salaries, pensions, benefits and expense accounts. Why would we pay for such privileges for our employees in the public sector when our own families in the private sector do without?
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Among those figures: a record $10.8-billion deficit; and the provincial government now $33 billion in debt.

The Alberta government is on track to balance the provincial budget — in six years … maybe. That’s as definitive as Finance Minister Joe Ceci would...

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Julie Ali The plan is to spend all the money until there is none left. Then the Heritage Fund will be emptied. When you have no plan for budgets you simply spend and go into debt. Most Albertans understand the need for some debt but the major amounts we are piling up is unsustainable. The NDP folks need to amalgamate and reduce the number of ABCs (agencies, boards and commissions). These ABCs account for major costs every year. In addition since the advocates offices, the Child/Youth Advocate, the OFFICE OF THE ETHICS COMMISSIONER LOBBYIST REGISTRAR OF ALBERTA, the Ombudsman and the PPIC office aren't useful maybe an independent advocate office would replace all of these bodies. We're paying for superficial cover your butt offices in my opinion for the GOA without actual advocacy since legislation is not in place to ensure effective performance. Better we take all the money from these advertisement offices that simply provide the bad news of "emerging issues" to the GOA as well as the whitewashing of abuse / fatality throughout the child welfare and continuing care systems--and replace them with an office with teeth and bite.

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Edward Yatscoff They never had a plan because they never expected to win. Now they have no idea what to do next. We will pay dearly for their inattention to economics and attention to social engineering

June 29 at 6:17pm
Chuck Keil For all those who fault the Wildrose for not providing a budget read these words carefully:

"The political reality is the Wildrose doesn’t have to provide a budget; it’s not the government.

The NDP does because it is."

June 29 at 6:21pmEdited

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