Thursday, July 13, 2017

dealing with problems

There are a lot of problems that we all go through that Facebook makes plain to us. But really we should be glad to have problems. These problems make us tough little biddies. They make us wider in the circumference.
Problems are basically teaching tools. You have a problem. Fine. Deal with it. Don't whine. Just get to work. It's clear when I have a problem that I whine a great deal. It's more constructive if I stop whining and actually get to work on the solution to the problem.
Once in a while you encounter a mammoth problem and then what? It's best to break down a big problem into subparts and then deal with the smaller broken down subparts in a systematic fashion. I did this with most of my big problems and was able to survive and thrive.
In the end none of us are immune from problems. They are pesky horseflies that bite all of us. They are tornadoes that reduce us to rubble. They are hammers on the nails of our lives. But they are also opportunities.
I have a problem. Let me not whine. Let me be magnificent and generous. Let me approach the snapping, rabid dog of my problem with a net and put it in a cage. Let me be strong.
Let me make art out of the chaos of problems.

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