Saturday, July 1, 2017

Canada Day planting of pots

We went for a walk. It was cool when we began the walk and rapidly became humid and hot. Now everyone is napping. I think the heat gets to them.
Soon hubby and younger boy will travel to my parents' place to do the garden work.
It is very peaceful in the house. Earlier I had some time to plant the moss roses (Portula) in pots and hanging baskets. Sue gave me a batch and I had enough for all the pots except one.
They all look very ragged now but I have put them by the park fence where they will be boiled alive and that's all it takes for moss roses to stumble to glory.
I have planted them under the side window where there are now only rocks because it is like a desert there and they have thrived in the poorest soil and heat. I think they will do fine in the cracked garden pots and hanging baskets.
I did not bother to go divide the park iris and grasses yet. Everyone was sleepy (and younger boy has still not got up) so I left them to go to bed and came to listen to music. And write.
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