Monday, July 3, 2017

blank space

I was tired out and the heat in the house was enough to put me to bed. I got up disoriented at 10:30 pm. I found younger boy slugging it away on the computer. I took him out to get junk food. There is bread and sandwich meat in the house but he wanted a Sub. The Sub place was closed so we got junk food.

Tomorrow is another good day. Every day of life is a good day.

It's easy to get discouraged and fear stuff but rather than do this I go have a nap.  Napping should be required for all of us.

If you can't stop consuming text the brain gets cluttered like my untidy writing room. By having a nap I solve the clutter with oblivion.

Commenting on political issues is interesting but dead end. More productive is to sit with a family member as I do and watch them live. Most of the folks I sit with don't do much. Stillness has much to recommend it.

And then when your mind has had a rest from the fury of the issues of the world, it's best to write a poem

But before the poem, the nap cleans up the detritus of the day. Then the coolness of the night restores you even more. If you think of the brain as whiteboard covered with scribbling, then the use of a nap and then solitude -these are erasers that clean the brain so you have blank space.

In the hurry of life it is easy to forget that the most important matters are always the small circle of influence--your own life, your family and extended family.

This circle of influence is where you are best employed. Most of us won't be able to turn the troubles of the world into solution. We can provide our opinion but the reality is this-we live in a system that appears --at least to me--inimical to change. The surface is continually changed but the substance remains the same. Recognizing the falsity of the system changes proposed to us it is easy to give up. It's safer to remain silent. Judicial tweaks of the system can be attempted but ultimately change takes time and most of us won't be able to see this change.

If external change is not possible what is?  I think it is the change in our internal landscapes. What I have learned by writing about issues has been startling to me.  The system wide problems and their identification does not result in work by the government at all levels and we get more of the noise that is construed by these entities as change. Noise in the form of spin is not change. It remains chatter that is not useful.

As such we will have no change from the entities we give our tax dollars to.  Citizens and families will just have to find the solutions to the problems themselves. We simply use the public services and supports to assist us in our solutions.

Best to be happy. This is the main thing I have learned. The world outside will always be on fire. There will be drama and difficulties. If you stand still and silent by the crowd that remains the same and transform yourself internally to meet with the challenges you will be able to benefit from the noise and the chaos.  But be happy. No matter what happens this is the way to be.

There will always be horror, trouble and problems. Be the sky.  Not the clouds.  And if temporarily the clouds overwhelm, lie down in the room alone and nap. This creates the blank space to shape your internal landscape again. So that you might be happy.  No one can give you this. Only you can shape the world for your own needs. Begin with stillness and silence. And then go to where the internal landscape is and work alone.

Artodyssey: Armen Gasparyan - Армен Гаспарян

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