Saturday, July 1, 2017

being still

Rain coming down. Good thing hubby put down fertilizer. Younger boy went to grandpa's to add manure to the garden so it's all good.
The deadheaded peonies look slimmer rather than as fat as they were when they were pregnant with blooms and seedheads. The ants are abominable. Hopefully the rain is gushing through their raised hills of terror.
It is very peaceful looking at the free watering of the lawn. We don't have much of a lawn as I wanted mostly a perennial garden but there is a few small strips in the front that are lovingly tended by hubby. He has got rid of the flotilla of dandelions that were shipping across the lawn. But I don't know how long he will keep out the invaders. The park is the seeding zone for the entire neighbourhood for the dandelion hordes and we're probably going to see an invasion after this rain fall
The day of doing nothing is almost done. I did nothing but this is a despicable thing to admit on Canada Day. Some of us have done patriotic things and been celebrating. But as for myself and mine we are going to make hot dogs and eat them inside the house. We're staying home.
The best part of a long weekend is the delight of doing nothing for the entire weekend. Even though I am a stay at home mum it feels wicked to simply do nothing or read for a Saturday at least. I didn't even go to my parents' place when younger boy went to do his garden buddy work. Nope. I let hubby take younger boy and help with manure spreading and I sat on the sofa being very still.
It's harder than you would imagine. Next to being still and doing nothing the Love work is the next hardest and best thing.
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