Sunday, July 16, 2017

Animation Portfolio Post # 3 -Sunday July 16, 2017

We went for a small walk while it was drizzling a bit of rain in the neighbourhood. It wasn't much and did little to alleviate the constant drought-like feeling in the land. When we got back I made some pancakes but they were hard and I imagine that it is because I used some brown flour in the mix.
Younger boy is being tutored by hubby on portfolio making. We both have no idea how to make an animation portfolio but we are learning slowly.
It may be that we have to add a structure where he can put his work so that we can pull it out for each educational program we will be applying for. Who knows?
Animation looks like a lot of painful work. I will have to do more research because it is a foreign territory.
There seems to be different ways to provide the information of your skill sets and drawing seems to be the traditional requirement; younger boy just wants to put the animation work in one portfolio and the drawings/ paintings in another but we want him to put it in one place. Folks are busy and one stop shopping is the way to go. I found that there are different websites to put your stuff on:…/10-best-portfolio-web…/
Give your work the home it deserves with the 10 best art and design portfolio websites, picked by us.
So what have I learned so far about portfolio making? Time consuming. And I am distracted by writing comments on articles. Best to focus on the portfolio as we are already in the middle of July and soon we will need to have something to submit.
I am now reviewing the work of others to find out what we need to encourage in younger boy.

Design portfolios come in all shapes and sizes, but these examples show what a great one looks like.

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