Sunday, July 16, 2017

Animation Portfolio Post # 4--Sunday July 16, 2017

It rained slowly like a leaking tap. The laundry outside had to be dried in the inside dryer. Wet makes a mark on the deck where my pot of dried flowers got overturned in the washing wind.
The trees are all fluffy now after the rain. The kids playing on the soccer field were also washed and dried. Their parents had a small portable tent that almost flew away in the drama but they all held on to it like a massive kite that they wanted to keep on the ground.
Younger boy is working on his portfolio. I have been termiting through the books I got from the Riverbend Library. I will be reading all evening as this is a reading day.
I found out that younger boy has an appointment at Embrace Orthodontics from a text message on my phone. Now that his braces are off, it's more spaced out with his dental appointments so luckily they have a reminding service.
The appointment is on Wednesday which cuts into Rebecca's home time so I might bring her home tomorrow for her art work.
Since I did a small walk this morning in the rain I didn't go out again. Instead I used the cool of the afternoon to make a chilli. I have some more kidney beans soaking in water overnight that I will boil up and add to the chilli tomorrow. Younger boy likes lots of beans in his chilli.
Where was I in this post? I did nothing today. I was supposed to look into portfolio creation but I got diverted by my bag of books. Maybe I will look at the incredible portfolios of folks and just admire them. Usually I am amazed by what folks create and then put out on the web. It's encouraging to me that so many creative spirits occupy the globe.
While I like to look at interesting portfolios I know that these productions are the result of years -if not decades of hard work so my feeling is that these portfolios are simply encouragements or helps for younger boy. He can see that ordinary people, working like mad, can make imaginative end products that are pretty neat:
There is a large amount of websites with a work showcase among their contents, but there's others where content is just another name for portfolio. A portfolio...
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