Friday, July 28, 2017

and wherever you go

and wherever you go
I will be there
in the singing wind

I will walk by you
and when you are asleep
I will stay by your side

if you call for me
I will come
and your dreams will feel like reality then

the stones of memories
will form a mountain
that I will guard

and when you look for me
by the river in the cattail boat
and in the slipper of the grasses

I will float the waves to you
so that you will know I am there
travelling from far away      for wherever you go

I will go too
I am part of you      like a fragment of your wrist bones
or a toenail that grows

when you look for me
look at yourself     for I am there
pressed tight into you    and so

you are never alone
I am by your side      part of your body
and also the reflection of your image in the mirror

Scattered and Small
Remedios Varo

Androgynous - Remedios Varo (1908-1963, Spain)

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