Tuesday, July 18, 2017

and what more can I ask of them?

I take down the dogs of war
and I let them bark in the distance

I polish the stone of my eye
and I watch the land

which is more than I ever thought of
this pale landscape burnt to grasses' gold

and I ship through the hours
with the luxury of the freedom that I have taken myself

for I have taken the hourglass of my life
and preached small things

my sons walk the earth as intelligent men
the ships they travel on are sure

and the sea might rise up in storm or whirlpool
to devour them    but still they will endure  because they are pure

I have spent my life in the making of their characters
they are indomitable    and will not fail at the tests that come

I have ignored all other considerations
and instead designed the sons     like programs that I did not know of

I played with them and read the books I loved to them
on summer days we went to the lake and stared at the curve of time 

we went to the waters of life      with the hope of desert animals
we picked Saskatoons and watched out for bears at Lac la Biche

once a bear picked up a fish in the lake
while the boys watched    some visions are rare

but if you wait they come to you
the years have passed in slow motion events like this

like the beads counted on an abacus
I have forgotten the sums but they add up to many hours 

and when I sit in my writing room today
to look back on my life    there are no regrets

I have been married well     and the boys
well the boys are themselves   and what more can I ask of them? 


MercyMe - Even If (Official Lyric Video)


Leonora Carrington

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