Thursday, July 27, 2017

and take down the villages of ghosts

and take down the villages of ghosts
and place them between the pages of books

remove yourself from controversy
and document merely the events of refusal and bent

polish up the discourse so that you appear
as the angel flying overhead

read the prescriptions for the cure of ailments
and put them to flame      this is not about etiology and blame

we're going beyond the established methods for change
and sifting through the residues     to see what remains

leave the institutional frameworks set up to continue disparity and shame
instead lever the assets of ordinary citizens    each of us are forces for change

fragmented  confused  and lost    we can still be a verse 
in the movement that is ongoing      the slipper falls off the foot

and the cat slips off the seat      a mark appears on the wall
the room shudders and the house of corruption begins to fall

we're all here for a purpose that cannot be determined
until the linkages are made    read your pamphlets

and the literature of the people
things vanish every day     and what was once in place and certain 

can be changed    the solitude is interrupted frequently
by the electrical crowd preaching versatility and innovation

no one understands impermanence
but the poets

the spirits move in their perfect arcs of light
you can hear them if you are silent

Remedios Varo

Leonard Cohen - You Want It Darker (Lyric)

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