Wednesday, July 12, 2017

and it lies inside

there is a way through the troubles
and it lies inside   but of course
you must be willing to face the facts
that are spread before you
like a random throw of gravel
on the road of life

here is the way
for you to survive
you take the facts and follow them
to the end of the devastation
you don't look back in futility
but instead you investigate and then decide

all is chaos but of course
we like to have rules and regulations
to contain the random events of our lives
here is the way 
but you can hide     I prefer scientific exploration of the troubles
and the truth      curtains on the stage of the drama that is being acted out

here is the way
see the events for what they are
and then become strong   don't waste your time crying
instead get up off the floor where you have fallen
and be wise       I prefer the scientific exploration of the troubles
and the truth      but you decide    hiding has it's pleasures


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