Sunday, July 16, 2017

and the dreamers / are silent

although the rain has fallen
and the night creeps
into the centre of the evening

although the lilies have peeled off 
their buds   and pinkly glow
this means nothing    although the silver lanterns

of the stars are soon to be
put out for us to see by
the stories still keep being written in the garden 

although the lawn has lifted herself from gloom
and the parched land has been satisfied
these are not dreams        but reality

although the marsh has again found her
red winged blackbirds and sings alone
although the ducklings follow their mother

and the harvest of creation is always beginning
although the stones glow from the rubbing wind
and the slip covers of the leaves are now placed

on the sofas of the trees
although the wicked are among us     and the dreamers
are silent    although the creation of the world continues

we are all undone by the rabble 
although the planks of the cattails are being cut down
and a willow tree blackens      although these are signs and symbols

of the world that is in the last gap of existence 
although the cycle continues relentlessly
there is no need to enter the fury of everything

The Book Of Love - Martin Kerr (Cover) Live at the Citadel Theatre

Remedios Varo

Hacia la Torre, 1960. – Remedios Varo Remedios Varo

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