Saturday, July 1, 2017

After the rain storm

A gorgeous dollop of sunlight has been doled out on the bowl of the lawn. The rain has refreshed the dusty garden and ensured that the moss roses get a drink of water.
All over the land the roots of the plants are straws now and the trees are basking in the drink. The fake marsh holes are staggering under the run off water. The pale dots of ducks saddle the waves. But the red winged blackbirds simply sway back and forth on the cattails.
The dandelions that were furtively arriving are now going to broadcast golden news to me. The flip flops of the peonies have fallen to the floor. The clematis that once was a bundle of dry cordwood vines is now repeating her green growth albeit very sluggishly. Meanwhile the maple tree is being choked by the other clematis vine that wants to conquer the world and is using the maple tree branches as a lattice to net the sky.
Everywhere a fecund feeling. The lap dance of the ferns on the potentilla and the mock orange bushes is now very decadent. And a huddle of delphiniums blue in the background of the Solomon's seals. How did it get so populated in the garden?
Turn around from the stealthy growth for two years and what was once orderly rows of plants is now the shock troops of a war of attrition. What to do about the disorder? Enjoy it. The poppies are seldom now but a few have managed to make it and so we will have some seeds for next year. The droppings of the birds of the sunflower heads restored a few to seedlings and maybe there is enough time for them to race to more seeds.
Trust in the good Earth to give back more than what was given to it.
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