Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Advice from Edward about kaput microwave ovens.

If your microwave dies, as mine did today, don't rush out and by a new one before first trying this.
1) IMPORTANT UNPLUG the microwave.
2) remove the outer casing. You may need a screwdriver with the type of head shown below.
3) locate the fuse which will be just behind the power cord. (See where my finger is)
4) remove the fuse ( test it if you have a circuit tester) take it to Electronic Connections, 4411-97 Street NW. A replacement fuse for my Panasonic 1200 Watt inverter microwave cost $4.68 + 0.23 GST.
5) put in the new fuse.
6) replace the outer casing.
7) plug microwave back in.
My microwave is now once again fully functional at a cost of a bit of work and $4.91.

Julie Ali Dad just got a new microwave.

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Julie Ali I will show this to hubby.

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Julie Ali Good thing you told us to unplug the microwave.

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