Saturday, June 3, 2017

younger boy passed his learner's test in driving

Mum stayed the whole afternoon. I didn't succeed in getting her to eat very much but she tried a few blueberries and yogurt.
 Younger boy miraculously passed his learner's test today which means he can start to practice driving. I am going to put him in an AMA driving course.
It's the safest thing for him and me.
I read a book to mum this afternoon which was about a woman who became a widow and just before her husband died of prostate cancer he achieved his life dream of living in a rural area. He converted a barn into a home for his wife before he died. It was a clearly presented memoir and there was no whining in it -either by the dying husband who was working like mad to get the barn converted or by the widow who remarried after the first husband died. It was interesting since it presented a true life story of how folks survive personal disaster and keep trucking.
Mum was not interested in the story but I read it to her as I believe reading books and doing art are ways to keep the brain active.
After I dropped mum off at the parents' place dad wanted to go buy tomato plants. Hubby is taking him right now to get the tomato plants as the Father's Day gift. Every year dad plants tomato plants in pots and harvests great crops. I don't bother since I get the tomatoes that he grows. They are both still shopping.
Helva has been neutered by Freedom Ford. The annoying door alarm is now fixed. Even though I got a reduction in the replacement costs I will still write to the CEO. It is best to keep in contact with the CEO of Ford since we still own our Edge and who knows when the next door latch will fry?
After younger boy spent all of the day cramming for the learner's test he got to the AMA with half an hour before closing. They asked if he could finish the test in 20 minutes. He agreed and did it. Maybe the scarcity of time prompted success. I don't know. I now have to figure out how to enroll him in the AMA driver's program and get him to pass the driver's test by the end of the summer. If he can become an independent driver by the end of the second year at NAIT he will be up to driving in Vancouver in year 4 when he applies for Vancouver Film School.
Where was I in this post? The traffic jams to get to the Freedom Ford place were excruciating. There is road construction everywhere. Next week I will avoid all this junk and go to the wilderness again and hike.
I haven't done Ruth's application for the national award yet. At least the two other provincial awards got done thanks to Edward who gave the references for both of them.
I'm going to play music now and do Pinterest. At the end of a long day it's best to let the brain untangle itself. Before doing more work.

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