Sunday, June 25, 2017

we stopped to rest / by the side of the river

and then
we walked about 
trying to find a way
to the end of the road
and instead
we got lost  and could not be found 

and then
we stopped to rest
by the side of the river
which was all about change
the heron stilled himself
so that he might overcome hunger

and then
the willows lay down their troubles
at our feet    we wondered whether we should follow
the leaves   then the wind came like a drum
that summoned us       we travelled far
but one day we went home where we had begun the journey

and then
we understood we could not escape our predicament
and so we became 
what we imagined ourselves to be
the travellers of a lost route that is not known
one day we will step out again       but for now we remain the same

Hands on a Grain of Sand - Amelia Curran

Armen Gasparian 1966 | Russian symbolist painter

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