Friday, June 23, 2017

We have connection --Internet connection that is.

Finally my computer is now functional. I had hubby look at it and he unplugged and replugged the extender which is a black box on the second floor next to the printer that I missed and then it works.
Now that I can write without my words being deleted I am too tuckered out to write.
I will write more tomorrow.
Today was a busy day as I had to get assistive devices for the mother and handicapped sister. It is very surprising how many mobility and stability devices exist. I was at the MEDMobility store and it was a plethora of beds, chairs, wheelchairs and who knows what else. The end of life is full of equipment.
I did not go the parents today as I have to fix up the house. I got rid of most of my clothes and yet there are still more things to get rid of in the basement. I have left that problem for later. Younger boy had to get some clothes so we went to MEC just now so that he has the gear for the hiking. We needed to get him some waterproof clothing and hiking pants so that he would not be freezing on the top of the mountains. Now that we are much poorer after the MEC trip I hope he won't grow any more as he is becoming beanstalk dimension. Also the boots we just bought him for winter is too small for him without being used at all. It's amazing how big his feet and arms are without any sort of caloric intake that I can discern. He's all bones.
Supper was hotdogs again. I made a pasta sauce but no one wanted to eat it so it will be supper for tomorrow.
The second load and the third load of clothes were done and dried beautifully outside. The deck is the best place for drying clothes as I don't have to go down to the other drying spot and balance precariously on a chair to reach up to my Barbantia dryer. The one I have stuck in my back garden bed is beautiful but all bunged up from many encounters with gale force winds and too much laundry stuck on the dryer at once. So the deck is my usual drying spot.
Now that this day is over I only did the 15 minute walk in the morning to discover the ducks at the marsh swimming around in circles. I checked on the gardens in the community and then came to inspect the community garden beds that I look after. Everything is peachy.
But now I will go listen to music and attempt poetry.

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