Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Walks for reading --Wednesday June 7, 2017

Night might be the ideal time to go for a walk. After I took Rebecca back and went to my parents' place to pick up chicken curry that dad wanted to give to younger boy for supper, I came home to feed the little one with the grandpa curry, rice I had made yesterday and a quick salad of cucumbers, lettuce and vine ripe tomato. I had brought three tomatoes and I used the second one today. One is left for tomorrow.
I ate the paratha that dad had made with some cauliflower curry that he had given me. This is a meal that was provided and I was grateful. It is nice to be part of the family still. Rebecca enjoyed the time at home where she made another piece of pencil art. This time she signed and dated it. This must mean she is turning professional.
I had a concoction of fruits to serve her. This time there were sweet blueberries from Sobeys. I got her peaches. Then there were the darling cherries. A little bit of each of them. I don't think she gets this sort of variation at the Villa so I try to give her something special at home. She did a bit of a walk that I will expand on each week.
The walk in the dark was cool. There were other walkers about mostly with their dogs. There were a few ideas that I picked up as well. The Virginia creeper that I had planted ages ago and yanked out because of infestation with a buzzing fly that devastates it and also is a nuisance seems to thrive in the rock gardens of others. Wonder why? Maybe a dry environment that it prefers. The shrubs are growing on me and I will begin to think of the shrubs in my garden as central bones in the skeleton. I tend to plop them in wherever I am too busy to do the perennials and now I have to think of them more globally.
In any case, I had a good walk. I will be able to hike this weekend without keeling over.
The world is as it is. I can't change any of it. But nor do I need to stay silent or immobile either. I tend to believe this song that indicates that even if... even if nothing works ....well then it is still well with my soul. This could be the credo of every ordinary citizen who tries to be an activist; even if we fail at one level --still at the deepest level we are still fine--our soul that is.
MercyMe - Even If (Official Lyric Video)

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