Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Walks for reading--Tuesday June 13, 2017

The walk was swift since younger boy goes speedily and I tagged behind with chatter about the things to do for the upcoming applications for future programs.
The boy is now working on his portfolio website that I thought he already had done but no -it's still not done.
Since the day went like lemmings over a cliff not much got done but at least it was a pleasant day.
On the walk I noted that everything is briskly growing with the lawns as green as the leaves on the trees. Peonies are blooming and rugosa roses (white) have made a show. There are bushes looking robust and most of the dead wood has been removed from gardens. I saw that the veggies are coming up although the weather has not been positive for them. I planned to put in lettuce but instead put the few white tubers that were sprouting tentacles into the one bare spot in the garden where hubby had dug out the ants. Hopefully they won't revive and decimate the already runty potato tubers.
The garden seems to be doing a good trade in flowers. The blue lilacs have faded to seeds and the pink one has put out its single fist of colour. This is surprising since I thought she won't make it with the blue lilac being so muscular but somehow even though she is stuck against the fence by her brawny sibling she has put out flowers.
The pink lilac in the front has no competition and is pretty against the drainpipe.
I note that the iris are now white and purple in both my beds and in the park bed where I have occupied that territory.
No other plants have been put out and even my indoor geraniums aren't being put out this year as I can't remember to bring them in and I don't want them to kick the bucket after mollycoddling them all winter.
Older boy has called and told me his news. The work he is doing as an apprentice seems very hard and although I begged him to consider university (yet again) he just wants to do dangerous work.
Younger boy thankfully will only do indoor work.
Now that the day is almost done I will put a bit of music on and stop commenting on the newspapers.
It's best to stop yapping on newspapers after a few comments or your head will explode.
ZAYA - Zayasaikhan Sambuu

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