Monday, June 26, 2017

To Do List --Monday June 26, 2017

A very busy day today but at least the mammogram got done. Rebecca was dropped off at the Villa and then I came home to check on younger boy's portfolio stuff. We may have to stay home this long weekend to work on it as it is already end of June. I don't want to miss the deadline for programs again as I did for older boy.
What I will have to do is make a portfolio board with the requirements for the portfolio. It is the only way to get through the demands of making a showcase of his work. As I am disorganized myself it is hard to organize younger boy. I will pick up mum tomorrow and while I yap with her consider the blank pieces of cardboard that I will divide up into the portfolio requirements. It's the only way to get a big job into a manageable parts.
Rebecca will come home on Wednesday and then I will have Thursday for mum. Friday I will take stock of the portfolio stuff and begin the work of training younger boy for the driving. I haven't taken him for his thyroid test. Soon.
Let me be the jester and have a monkey by my side to remind me of the tasks not done and waiting for completion.
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