Wednesday, June 21, 2017

This and That--Wednesday May 22, 2017

Gorgeous head of light banging against the window of the writing room. I will go for a walk after breakfast.
Yesterday mum went home late as it was raining like mad. I dropped her off at 7:30 pm. The wind was battering ram everywhere and a tree was down on the road on the way back. The garden seems to be OK even with the branch tugging wind. The fragile late growing Catalpa tree is somehow flourishing even though the big tough Russian Olive tree is a skeleton. Who can figure it out?
I will go pick up Rebecca after I have done some work at the house in terms of decluttering and cleaning. The junk in my writing room will be left as is until I have cleaned the rest of the house.
I have organized Rebecca's art supplies so that they are in a blue plastic recyclable container. This way things aren't here and there. The younger boy still has to go through his papers from year 1 at NAIT. He is in bed still.
Other things I have to do are to finish the laundry. Most of my tasks as a stay at home mum are mundane but necessary. It gets messy in our small home if I don't keep doing these tasks of decluttering and washing up.
But first I will eat breakfast and then walk. Always do the best things first (the most important life things).
Then come back and do the necessary things.

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