Tuesday, June 20, 2017

This and That --Tuesday June 20, 2017

I went for a 15 minute walk outside and the heat was amazing. Just as I used to remark on the cold I now sputter out what the heck? One minute it was Siberia outside and now the peonies are sweating over the side of the raised beds.
The roses are blooming at a terrific velocity and I noted that the side rose has burst out in red remarks that I had not noticed until I went for a walk.
The heat has ensured that mum sleep in so I haven't yet got her today. The drop off will be later and she will be with younger boy as I have to take dad for an eye appointment with Dr. Climenhaga.
I did some desultory floor mopping but nothing major. The house will be tidied up this week as I am donating stuff to Goodwill. I do this every few months as the house is small and anything I pick up at garage sales has to be recirculated in the world so that the house does not explode with stuff.
Today I am going through all the coats and giving them away. I am too fat to fit into my thin coats and it is no use hoping I will attain splinter size just by hiking when I am eating cookies at other times. I will go out and buy bread for younger boy as he will not eat the old bread I have frozen in the freezer.
After I finish with the appointment with Dr. Climenhaga which is at 3:00 pm and then returned mum after supper I will focus on the clean up of the house. I can only do it in bits and pieces. I cleaned the main floor toilet as I am going to buy a toilet seat for mum. It is to be put on the toilet so she can sit there without problems I have put it off but I can't wait any longer as she has difficulty and might fall.
When will I buy the toilet seat? Probably tomorrow as the Healthcare Solutions place on Calgary Trail before I bring Rebecca home.
Right now I will just do small cleaning jobs and check tomorrow what is left to do. The decluttering might also involve the kitchen which is full of small gadgets that we don't use.
I have not considered the basement which is full of junk as well. But that is for another month.
Goodwill on 51st Avenue gets my junk because at one time they helped Rebecca and I haven't forgotten this. Now to go tackle ten million winter coats and boots.
About Goodwill
Goodwill Industries of Alberta is a branch of the international non-profit organization, Goodwill Industries.
With locations in more than 15 countries, and collective revenue in excess of $3.25 billion, Goodwill Industries has the power to make change around the world – and in your community too.
Our mandate is to break down employment barriers for disadvantaged people and to help those in need by providing education and workplace training.
Through donated goods, and with continuous grants from the Government of Alberta, Goodwill Industries of Alberta is able to fund a number of important programs and community events.
We are dedicated to creating inclusive communities that foster the sustainable independence of people who were once disadvantaged.
Goodwill ensures that all of its community activities and business operations are conducted in an environmentally friendly manner. We believe in turning discarded items into useable goods, and if we can’t salvage an item, we ensure proper recycling methods are followed. We work hard every day to be able to call ourselves good environmental citizens.
Our CEO manages the daily operations of all Goodwill Industries of Alberta branches, and our Board of Directors oversees the governance of the organization.
Goodwill Industries has been operating for more than 60 years in Alberta. We have developed positive relationships with communities across the province, and with the donations and support we receive from Albertans every day, we hope to continue changing the lives of disadvantaged people everywhere.

Goodwill Industries of Alberta is committed to providing individuals with disabilities the opportunity to enhance their lives through meaningful employment. Learn More »

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