Thursday, June 1, 2017

This and That - Thursday June 1, 2017

Julie Ali
Just now
#GoodSamaritanSocietyLawsuit----We're at the fine tuning stage of the lawsuit. The Good Samaritan Society is amending its statement of claim as we progress to the court date. It's all very interesting and I am learning a lot. Hopefully all of this experience will help other mummies who get sued in Alberta for advocating for their loved ones.
Julie Ali Just now  ·  Rebecca is home and working hard on her art. She likes the pencil sets I got her and is d...
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Julie Ali
Just now
Rebecca is home and working hard on her art. She likes the pencil sets I got her and is doing pencil work.
I got her a cup of tea and some fruit.
The lawsuit work is progressing. I got an amended statement of claim to review and I did review it. It's all very interesting. We now make an amended statement of defence. Apparently the other side can amend right up to the court date and we can amend as well. I imagine this is how they fine tune the charges so that they can pin the case down to the legal bare minimum.
When I first started writing I never imagined my words would be so powerful. I will work on the next part of the lawsuit over this week. I am going to review the medical files again and review the information for when I go to court.
I imagine going to court is going to be very expensive. It may be time for me to get a job soon so I can pay for the bills. It's not often that a stay at home mummy is sued I imagine so I will have a lot of information to provide about the process so that if any of you are sued you will have the trajectory of the process to review.
I had a small nap while Rebecca was working on her art. She is looking good with the short hair cut. Mum and dad have been busy making food. I will pick up some stuff for later.
Most of life is up and down and you just gotta keep trucking. Outside the chill of the early morning is gone and the sun has come out.
I will go out for a walk later. I was supposed to go walk with Rebecca but she is happy with her art so maybe just before we return to the Villa we can head out for a small stroll.
Right now very mellow in the writing room. The geraniums are blooming. The sky is blue. And there is peace and quiet in the home.

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